VOC2 Vocational (specialist) registration

If you want to work as a specialist in New Zealand, hold the approved New Zealand/Australasian postgraduate qualification, but do not already hold general registration, you can apply down the VOC2 pathway.

Registration in a vocational scope of practice (often referred to as "specialist" practice) in New Zealand requires specific training, qualifications and standards. VOC2 (specialist) registration requirements are outlined here.


To apply for registration through this pathway you must:

  • hold an approved New Zealand/Australasian postgraduate qualification
  • not hold general registration in New Zealand
  • hold a primary medical degree from a university medical school listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools

Please note: you must submit the required documents for EPIC primary source verification before applying.

Application process

If you meet all the prerequisites and apply down the VOC2 pathway, the process is as follows:

  • 1
    Complete a VOC2 application form

    Please include all of the the supporting documentation listed on the form.


    Application for registration within a vocational scope of practice for doctors who hold the prescribed Australasian postgraduate medical qualification and are not registered within a general scope of practice.

  • 2
    Complete three RP6 forms

    You need to provide three referee reports, completed by specialist/consultants in the same area of medicine in which you are applying and who are familiar with your current practice.


    Referee report for use when applying for registration.

  • 3
    Send your application to us

    You can find the right address on our Contact Us page.

    Contact Us

    Tell us who you are so we can better direct your enquiry
  • 4
    We process your application

    Usually this takes about 2 months from the date we receive your completed application.

    If we need any further information, we will contact you. Once your application is considered, we will let you know whether we've approved your application.