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Recertification & professional development

To maintain the right to be issued with a practising certificate, doctors must meet recertification and continual professional development (CPD) requirements.

Recertification is the process to demonstrate competence as a condition of holding a Practising Certificate (PC).

CPD is involving yourself in peer reviews, audits of medical practice and continual medical education aimed at ensuring you are competent to practise medicine.
For most doctors it is easy to determine your requirements by the scope you are practising in, i.e., within a general scope or within a vocational scope. However, there are exceptions and special cases. Please read the categories below to determine your recertification and CPD requirements.

The information on this page is an overview: we strongly recommend you read the Recertification and Continuing Professional Development booklet.

Download Recertification and Continuing Professional Development (2018, PDF)

Download Policy on recertification for doctors (PDF)

Regular practice review

The Council is responsible for ensuring that doctors are competent and fit to practise medicine. One of the mechanisms the Council uses to achieve this is regular practice review as part of continuing professional development.

Download Policy on regular practice review  (2011, PDF)

Please read the recertification requirements relevant to the scope(s) of practice you hold:


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Download forms for Recertification and CPD


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