Professional development

The Council is responsible for ensuring that standards are met in the medical profession and that doctors are competent and fit to practise medicine. One of the ways Council does this is to require doctors to participate in recertification programmes. Continuing professional development (CPD) is a key component of these recertification programmes.

Doctors undertake planned continual professional development to maintain their competence; and for interns, a professional development plan is an important element in their post-graduate training programme.

What is professional development?

Continual professional development (CPD) is a key component of Council's recertification programmes, and includes:

  • audits of your medical practice - which involves structured critical analysis of the quality of every aspect of your practice, so you can compare your performance with national standards
  • peer reviews - evaluation of your performance by other doctors
  • continuing medical education - for example attending educational conferences, courses and workshops, or self-directed learning programmes
  • regular practice review (RPR) - meeting with senior colleagues to discuss your practice and think about ways it could be improved.